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Introducing – A website specializing in Leather Khuff Chocolate Brown Zip-up Leather Khuff

Assalamu alaikum! Introducing for Halal Leather Khuff. The first website specializing in halal leather khuff for the Muslim ummah in many colors and sizes. We currently offer three different style and intend to gradually add selection making your one-stop destination for all types of Halal leather khuff for masah and other leather items. Above you see the most common zipper leather khuff which some prefer. Below is our slip-on leather khuff with elastic.

Burgundy Slip-on Khuff with Elastic

Furthermore, we now offer low-cut khuff that just come to your ankles. Whichever style you choose, we have many colors and sizes to choose from. Leather khuff, for Muslims, are commonly used for masah or tayammum which are forms of ritual ablution. All of the leather khuff we sell on are made with repurposed leather hides from sheep and cows slaughtered for meat according to Islamic laws of sacrifice. We offer sizes from 5 up to 13 when available.

Low-cut Ankle Leather Khuff

Our khuff are designed for men or women. Women’s sizes are generally two size smaller than the mens so a size 10 for men will be size 8 for women. If you’d like to learn more regarding the fiqh of wiping over khuff, please watch the following video (Hanafi fiqh) or visit Islamic Fiqh – Wiping Over the Khuff.

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