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What are Khuff?

1. Leather Khuff

Khuff, also known as Khuffain in the plural, are traditional leather socks that are commonly worn by Muslims. These leather socks date back, at least, to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Khuff are made from the hides of animals sacrificed according to the Islamic rules, rending their meat permissible to eat (halal). Although hides from any Halal animal may be used for khuff, they are most commonly made from sheep hides. Sheep hides are considered the softest and most pliable to wear as khuff. With that said, cow, calf and goat hides are also used for leather khuff.

2. The Benefits of Wearing Khuff

It is indicated in sound narrations (hadiths) that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wore these leather khuff from time to time. Thus, the practice of wearing leather khuff was also adopted by his honorable companions. Without going into lengthy points of Islamic Law (sharia) about khuff, we can say that it is permitted to do masah (wiping) over leather khuff when performing ablution (wudhu). Therefore, many Muslims prefer to wear khuff when going to the Masjid or place of worship, as you do not have to remove them every time wudhu is performed.

Leather khuff socks come in handy in colder climates or seasons and they make for comfortable house socks. So khuff are practical as protection against the cold or rough floor surfaces as well. At we keep all of this in mind when offering our leather khuff.

3. Different Types of Leather Khuff

There are different types of Khuff to choose from.

The most common are the simple black quarter-calf length khuff that come with or without zippers. The non-zipper khuff have an elastic panel on one or both sides making them easy to slip on. There are also leather khuff that are lined with fleece or other soft materials. One can also choose the lesser-common low-cut khuff that are easy to slip on and also comfortable to wear. The low-cut khuff, that normally come up to the ankle, have just a small piece of elastic on each side. It all depends on your preference when it comes buying khuff.

4. Different Color Khuff

Leather khuff socks are now offered in many colors. You may want to choose neutral colors for men and women or a color that may conform more to your particular style of fashion. It is also now common to choose a color that matches your favorite Islamic outfit, tunic, robe or thawb. offers a wide variety of colors from plain black to the louder colors such as pink and red and yellow.

5. Choosing Your Size of Khuff

We recommend that you view buying your khuff the way you would view buying a pair of shoes. The sizes are very similar. Choose khuff matching your shoe size or the closest to it. One of the differences with Khuff is that they are not commonly offered in different widths. However, being that they are made from soft pliable leather, they tend to conform to the shape of your feet over time. In the case that your feet may be wider than average, we suggest choosing one size larger than your regular shoe sizes. Khuff are unisex in size so we offer the same khuff for men and women but put the women’s khuff as being 2 sizes smaller than men’s khuff.

Whichever style or color of khuff (leather socks) fit your preference and taste of fashion, is the best place to find them. 

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